Holbrook has had over a dozen shows in Norway that include;

The Norwegian National Opera House

The Litloy Lighthouse (A lighthouse in the Arctic Circle)

7 Shows in Germany with Amnesty International

Holbrook is currently exhibiting in all 11 public libraries in Rome, Italy
Sponsored by the Vatican’s group, Saint Egidio

He has exhibited in Geneva, Switzerland with Amnesty International
and was featured on World Radio Switzerland

Holbrook has exhibited in Madrid, Spain at the DEATH PENALTY WORLD CONFERENCE

He exhibited in the ‘Rotunda’ at the Texas State Capital of Texas

His pictures were featured on CNN twice

The pictures were featured in a 28-minute documentary that aired on France’s ‘Arte Network
and aired to 35 million Europeans

He participated in a show called ‘Jesus 2000’ sponsored by the Catholic church
that toured major cities in the US and Europe

(These images were from the homeless series that exhibited at St. Andrew Catholic Church in 2002)

The images have been archived with the ‘Center for American History
sponsored by theTexas After Violence Project



John has exhibited and lectured at;

  • University of Oslo
  • University of Geneva
  • Southern Methodist University
  • University of Texas Austin
  • Stephan F. Austin State University

His death row art was published in 6,000 college textbooks entitled,
Lone Star Politics, Tradition, and Transformation in Texas
published by Sage Publishing